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Multiple Medium Artists

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Abstract sculptures and figurative oil paintings by Hasan Fuat Sari...
These pages explore the abstract wood-, bronze-, metal- and terracotta-sculptures and figurative paintings of contemporary artist Hasan Fuat Sari, a Turkishborn painter and sculptor now living in Finland...

Homepage of Andrea and Friedrich Lohmueller - raytracing, fractals, animations, photography, drawings and paintings, computer graphics, computer art, 3D-grafics, POVRAY...
Welcome to the Homepage of Andrea Lohmüller + Friedrich A. Lohmüller raytracing, photography, drawings & paintings, computer graphics, computer art, 3d graphics, POVRAY, 3d animations, fractals, cact...

Paintings, Drawings, Design and Fine Art by George McKim...
Original Contemporary Oil Paintings, Original Drawings, Commissioned Artwork, Freelance Graphic Design and Web Design....

Randolphlee McIver | Figurative Painter, Draughtsman, Sculptor...
Contemporary artist changing the direction of art for the 21st century, a new figurative language of painting using new sources of inspiration from the arts of classical Greece and the Renaissance" ...

  Abstract Art 8
  Art and Antique 10
  Art and Artist Directories 12
  Art Cards and Prints 5
  Art Galleries 6
  Art Supplies and Framing 4
  Artist Prints 3
  Artist Resources 8
  Arts and Crafts 11
  Ceramic Art and Pottery 3
  Computer Art Resources 6
  Contemporary - Modern Art 3
  Digital Art 2
  Fiber Arts 1
  Fine Art 3
  Fine Art Photography 2
  Fine Wood Working 5
  Giclee Prints 2
  Graphic Arts and Logo Design 7
  Handmade Jewelry 5
  Interior Design 9
  Multiple Artist Sites 6
  Multiple Medium Artists 4
  Museum Quality Reproductions 7
  Oil Painting 8
  Painting 12
  Pencil and Pastels 2
  Portrait Art 5
  Posters 3
  Print Shop 3
  Russian and Ukrainian Art 6
  Sculpture 2
  Southeast Asian Art 2
  Surreal Art 3
  Virtual Galleries 6
  Watercolor 3
  Wildlife Art 3

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