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Original Prints:  Art From Digital Painting

Original Prints from Innovative Art

Digital painting (fine art created on the computer and saved digitally) combined with advanced printing is a new way of buying original art. These innovative modern art prints are printed using
archival, pigment inks and fine watercolor paper, and in many instances still fit a poster art budget.

The combination of artist and new medium create a fresh look while honoring the traditions of art.  Unlike most poster art and all reproductions,
original prints from digital art are formatted as intended and are the original art.

Each print is individually signed, rated to last for generations and guided by the artist.
Field Play - Digital Art Prints/ Figures Art Gallery

Field Play
/ Figures Art Gallery

Purchasing can be done while browsing a gallery.  Simply click on the "Buy" logo-->
at the top right corner of any gallery page to view purchasing options for that piece. Items can be easily added or removed from the ArtCart, checkout uses a secure server.

Shipping is free except as noted: *Crating and Shipping charges are extra for large framed art. Due to their size and weight, framing in your own location is suggested.
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Digital Painting -Shape of Something New / Abstract Art Gallery

Shape of Something New
Abstract Art Gallery

 Pricing Guidelines:      View Framed Art Prints
Print Price
Framed Price
$55.00 - 95.00
$115.00 - 155.00
18"x24" 13"x19" $85.00 $150.00
20"x28" 17"x25" $160.00 $275.00
18"x24"  $185.00 - 245.00
$325.00 - 385.00
$850.00 *
24"x 36" 20"x30" $745.00 $925.00 *
$1250.00 *
$1375.00 *

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What's New!

Purchasing options are not up to date for the most recent work, but is available for these exclusive Blogsite Images

Bold Glimpse Article
Bold Glimpse

Grape Rows & Mountains/Landscape Art Gallery
Grape Rows & Mountains
Landscape Art Gallery
Digital Painting & Art Prints - Monterey Miway 1/Original Art-chives
Monterey Miway 1
Original Art-chives

listen to music/ buy CD's
Music offers three CD's produced over the last four years which are available for purchase. You can listen to excerpts from each inside.

Complete solo projects - the music, lyrics, performance, arrangement, recording, and album layouts were all written and produced by Dan Beck.

The instruments were all physically played. The music is multi-layered, rhythmic, improvisational - with jazz, blues, folk, rock, and classical influences.

The weblog is a place where you can get insights into individual pieces, songs, creativity in general, and see brand new work.

Developing the Medium:  All artwork on this site was created by Dan Beck.  The Landscape, Abstract, and Original Art-chives galleries all have early work.  The work spans a period of eight years with a more sophisticated use of the medium as work becomes more current.

Limited Editions:  Artwork in the Impressionist Gallery is created to be large. Those editions are limited to ten prints per size.  Small sections of each impression are shown in detail to better reveal how each would look at its intended size.

Original Art-chives: In order to update and introduce new work, many pieces were moved into the archives. This work is still available for full viewing and purchasing.

Mount 1/Impressionist Art Gallery

Mount 1
/ Impressionist Art Gallery
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